Service Guarantee


The Problem

Have you ever had an IT person come to fix your computer and leave with it only marginally better? Or worse, had them fix one problem only to create another. This is completely unacceptable to any business. However so many people put up with it, because they don’t believe they have a choice. You do.

The Solution

At Adaptable IT we take pride and passion in our work. Most of our staff have over twenty years of IT experience. We will resolve the problem.

Out staff have the training, skills and experience to give you peace of mind in what we do

Sometimes there are times that problems cannot be fixed, or it is not cost effective to do so. For example, why spend hours attempting to fix a problem with a $59 printer, when its cheaper to replace it?

In any situation where we believe there is a more cost effective solution than simply fixing it, we will let you know and put the power of choice back in your hands.

The final part to the guarantee is coming back to your site to resolve the issue. We document our work, so that if there is any part of our work that you believe is not resolved, we will come and resolve it without cost to you.