Office 365 – How to’s


With so many features in Office 365, it takes time to learn to use them all.

contactpostSo we have compiled a list of the most common questions that we receive. Anything that is underlined is a link to another website, simply click the link to be taken there (links to external websites will open up in a new browser tab). This list will grow as we are asked more questions, so please feel free to ask.


Blue_question_markHow do I connect my mobile phone or tablet to use Office 365?

This is answered on an external website. Click Here

Blue_question_markMy Computer keeps asking me to login, or insert my Product Key when I try to run office. What do I do?

This can occur when your password has expired. Login to to change your password.

Blue_question_markMy mobile phone/tablet will not download my e-mail, or gives the message “Failed to connect to server”

This can occur when your password has expired. Login to to change your password. Office needs to check with the online server to make sure that the license is current. If you don’t connect for a while, it may also ask you to connect to rectify this.

Blue_question_markHow do I access a Shared Mailbox when using Outlook for Mac?

This is answered on an external website. Click this link to be taken there.

Blue_question_markHow do I setup my Public facing Website?

This is answered on an external website. Click this link to be taken there.

Blue_question_markHow do I remove a user from Office365?

In Australia, when you wish to add or remove a user, you need to do it in two places.

  • First you need to login to the Office 365 portal using your Admin account, that you received when Office365 was originally setup. The ID will be
    • Select Users and then find the username from the list and remove them. Alternatively, you can just remove the license assigned to it.
    • Second, you will need to login to your Telstra T-suite account. Choose Modify Licenses and then change the number down by one. This option is not available if you have not yet removed the user and/or license from the Microsoft site.
    • If you are wanting to remove your last user, or upgrade from Standard to Premium, then you will need to contact Telstra.

Blue_question_mark How do I setup the “Out of Office”  in Outlook?

In Outlook for Mac, click on Tools => Select Out of Office from the menu bar.

In Outlook for Windows, click on File => Select Automatic Replies (Out of Office)

  • Select Send Out Of Office messages.
  • Enter your out of office response in the Reply to messages with box below.
    • Note: The response entered in this field will ONLY be sent to INTERNAL e-mail addresses.
  • Specify a start and end time for the reply to activate and deactivate. Check the I am out of the office between box and specify the time in the START date and End Date field.

To send replies Outside your business

  • Select the Send replies outside my company to check box.
      • Click on Address Book contacts only or Anyone outside my company.
        • Address Book contacts only option sends the out of office response only to the external emails in your Address Book on your computer.
        • Anyone outside my company option sends the out of office response to anyone that sends you an email.
      • Enter the message that will be sent to external e-mail addresses.
      • Click on OK.


Blue_question_mark When attempting to login to Lync for Mac, I receive the error: Lync was unable to sign in.

Lync was unable to sign in. Please verify your logon credentials and try again. If the problem continues, please contact your support team.

This happens despite using the correct login credentials and if you do type them incorrectly, you get a very different error message.

After lengthy testing, Adaptable IT have discovered that this is an issue with the timestamp reference for the account (at least in Australian Time zones). To resolve this issue, simply change the time zone on your Mac (by clicking the clock in the top right hand corner, select Open Date and Time Zone Preferences) to New York and login again to Lync. This has worked for every client in every situation so far. Once you have logged in successfully, logout, change the time zone back to the correct one and restart your Mac.

Each subsequent attempt to login should now work and it will have the correct time zone.

Blue_question_markHow do I Publish my Calendar to the internet?

This is best done through the Outlook Web Access program. Go to and then follow the instruction on the below link.

This is answered on an external website. Please click this link to be taken there.