Zen – IT Package


Zen IT Package

Zen IT Package

      Your Business Domain Name

Office 365 Apps and E-mail/Calendaring Solution

Hard Drive Backup


All the things you need to get the best possible start


In Small Business, we rely on our computers running all the time. The problem is that we don’t always know how to protect ourselves against viruses, data corruption and hardware failure.

At Adaptable IT, we want to make sure that every business, big and small, has what it needs to keep running as smoothly as possible and even in the worst of circumstances, still be able to get everything up and running quickly.

The Zen IT Package for Small Business, contains everything you need to get your business up and running securely and professionally.

  • Office Professional for Mac/PC/Android/iOS
  • Enterprise grade E-mail Solution
  • Domain Name
  • Portable Backup Drive
  • Antivirus for PC & Mac


Domain Name

With today’s business environment being so competitive, step beyond an e-mail address @hotmail.com or @yahoo.com.au

We will register for you, an Australian domain name and through Office365, your e-mails and website will look completely professional.


*Subject to name availability and usage regulations



Viruses and Malware are the biggest cause of all computer problems. While PC users are used to having Antivirus software, not so much with Mac users. Don’t be fooled, there are plenty of viruses for the Mac and as Macs become more prolific, so do the number of viruses.

Symantec_logo_horizontal_2010Symantec Norton 360 works for both PCs and Macs to keep your computers virus and malware free. The regular updates will protect you while you keep your subscription active and the Firewall and Mail scanning give you an all in one security product.



seagateYour data is everything to your business. With Office365, all your e-mails, contacts and calendars are backed up. For everything thing else, we include and 2Tb USB-3 Hard Disk. Using either Time Machine for Mac, or NTBackup in Windows, we can make sure that all your files are kept backed up on a regular basis.


Office 365

Office365 combines all of the apps you know with a professional e-mail system that keeps all your e-mail, contacts and  appointments synchronized across all your devices: Phones, tablets and computers.

Office 365 also contains Sharepoint to have your own internal business website to share  data with colleagues and can also host your own external client website.

Microsoft-Office-365-LogoOffice 365 is also easily expandable, if you take on some staff, you just get an extra license. If they leave, you remove it, you only pay for. what you use.