Network Design

Network DesignHow will designing your network properly, saves you money?

Network design is a logical process of finding out business requirements and matching them to technology. It maps out a logical sequence of steps and procedures that business information needs to follow along.

We brainstorm with you, to help you make the best decisions for your business. Because getting it wrong can be really expensive.

So what is right for your business?

Anyone who gives you a straight answer to this question, isn’t giving your business value. Simply because every business is vastly different and so the model of the network needs to be just as different. If you run PC desktops, that doesn’t mean that a PC based server is your ideal. Likewise, just because you run a Mac network, doesn’t mean you need a Mac Server. Those days and that way of thinking expired with the last millennium. Mac’s and PCs can work together in complete harmony. With today’s cloud technologies, having hosted services may be your best solution.

We adapt technology to suit your business

The first step of working out your ideal IT setup, is finding out what you currently have, through one of our System Audits. Then we take that information and discuss with you, what the business processes are and what your ideal working environment is. From these, we will have the basis for how your business functions and we can build it up from there.

For example:

  • If you are Corporate Lawyer, then security is of utmost importance, as is data recovery and most of your work is done in the office. We would look at setting up a server, based around the recommended operating system for your legal software. Then build it out from there, with very tight security, multiple backup layers and data retention specific to your industry requirements. Access to your network from remote locations would only be provided to those specifically authorised.
  • If you are a plumber with a team of 6 people constantly on the move. Then having a fixed server would potentially hinder your business, as you need a technology that is “on the go”. Setting up a system such as GeoOp, would give you a cloud based job system, that lets you send jobs directly to your staff’s mobile phones, or tablets. You can also track where your staff are, run your invoices directly from the point of sale, take photos, get signature authorisation and the list goes on. Your best clients could also create their own job tickets, through your system.

We have more choice in network design than ever before, so ask us how we can help you choose the best setup for your business.

Adapting Technology to suit your business