Computer SecurityIn Computers and Technology, the term “Security” has broadened in recent years to encapsulate all of a business’s data and hardware. It is also an area that is increasingly being targeted by undesirables. So much so, that 2013 was named “Year of the Mega Breach”.

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So what is IT Security?

Most people think of their internet connection first and that’s the best place to start, though internal security is covered further down the page. The internet is where most malicious attacks come from and there are two front lines to its defence.

  1. Firewall – Many business are connecting to the internet using a Home grade ADSL Router/Firewall. These simply are not adequate to protect your business from an intended attack. There are numerous programs available that can circumnavigate these in minutes (if not seconds). The best solution is to get a business grade Firewall solution, which can not only give you a better level of security, they can also provide you with more functionality, like Firewall based VPNs.
  2. Internet Security/Anti-virus/Anti-malware – There are so many variations of viruses today and they affect almost every device: PCs, Macs, iphones, Androids, etc. The technological level of these problems is so much so, that straight Antivirus programs simply will not protect you. Many malicious attacks today are directed at web browsers and don’t even save themselves to your hard drive before they start to work (Anti-virus programs scan files on the hard drive).

Do not be fooled by the Apple Mac Myth

Many of our clients are Mac based, or Hybrid Mac/PC networks. We see a lot of people being thorough with their PC security and leave the Macs open to attack. There are more malicious threats to PCs, than Macs, though there is still an abundance of Mac threats. In almost every case of a Mac running without a credible Internet Security/Anti-virus application, we have found malware running freely. In 2012 over half a million Macs were infected by the Flashback Trojan Virus, which led to Apple removing their claim “Macs don’t get viruses” from their website.

Internal File Security

Setting up security within a business file system is very common today. This can simply be allowing some users access to certain folders on a server, while others cannot. Taking this further, we can build environments where a user may be able to read, or even enter data, yet have no way possible to transmit that data outside of the business, or even to a USB thumb drive.

When the threat of physical removal of data is present (Eg. Notebooks, USB drives), there is always the option to encrypt a drive. This will only allow a person with the correct security credentials to read the data. This can be an invaluable way of locking down your data in the event of theft.

We’ve been there and done it

At Adaptable IT, we have had security experience working on projects from businesses worried about Industrial Espionage, right through to top-secret projects for the Australia Defence Forces. We can tailor designs to suit any business.

Adapting Technology to suit your Business