Dropbox for Business

We are a Certfied Dropbox PartnerAdaptable IT have become certified in and partnered with Dropbox to provide business grade products to our clients.

While Dropbox have been industry leaders in Cloud storage and sharing for individuals, they have now come out with a product for the Enterprise.

How is Dropbox for Business different?

Quite simply, it now provides the robustness and security that business require, while continuing to have the same ease of use and device compatibility.

Some new features include:

  • Unlimited Storage – The free and “Pro” version of Dropbox have limited amounts of storage. Dropbox for Business provides as much as you require and there is no limit to what you can have.
  • Unlimited Backups – The Pro version of dropbox has a time-limited Backup. With Dropbox for Business, all data is kept, forever, even if it’s been deleted, or overwritten
  • Unlimited Version Control – Not only is all the data kept forever, every version of every file will be kept, so that you can recall a document one version ago from yesterday, or a hundred versions ago from years past.
  • Active Directory Integration – Dropbox will integrate with a Windows Active Directory, so keep your overheads and administration down. Permissions and Groups can be assigned through AD and even Single Sign can be established
  • Remote Wipe capabilities – If a staff member leaves your organisation for any reason, you can remotely wipe all your business data from their phone, tablet, or computer with a few button clicks

If you want to find out more about how Dropbox for Business can work for you, please ask us anytime