Case Studies

Flavours Catering & Events

A great example of how we can help your business and how invaluable an audit can be, is by looking at one of our clients: Flavours Catering and Events Pty Ltd.

Flavours Catering are one of the leading Catering businesses in Sydney. They provide exceptional food and service to their clients, some of which include Foxtel, Channel 9, News Corp, Revlon, Mirvac, Johnson & Johnson, ACU, REX, etc.

When Adaptable IT were first engaged by Flavours, they had an incumbent IT provider and we were asked to come in and do an independent audit of their systems. Essentially to check that their systems were running smoothly and that everything was setup, how they believed it was.

On the day of the audit, a Thursday, we were about to start our work, when we noticed a red flashing light, on one of the hard disks in the storage array attached to the server. Rather than touch it and risk the potential blame from the incumbent provider, we simply said “That hard disk has, or is about to fail, please get it replaced by your provider before we can start the audit”. Chris Watts, the general manager, called the provider that afternoon, told them of the failed drive and asked for a replacement ASAP. On Friday, he called again with the same request and once again on the following Monday. On Monday night the drive failed. This caused huge problems for the business and cost a lot of money for the same people (who failed to replace the drive in a timely manner) to come and resolve it after hours.

With the drive now replaced and everything running as it should, Adaptable IT could now run the audit. We went through everything they had, found out the reasons that it had been setup this way and noticed some big discrepancies between what was meant to be there and what actually was.

The single biggest discrepancy we found was with the backup. We were told that the server held the live data, and the attached RAID 5 storage array, contained the backup. This was not what we saw and so after business hours, we checked again with Chris, of how it was meant to be setup and did the ultimate test… we unplugged it. Suddenly, the network drives disappeared. “Just reboot the server” we were advised by Chris and we did so with no change to the result. So with no visible data, we plugged the storage array back in and up came all the network drives. This may sound like a good result, however if you think back to the start of the article, there was a failed drive in that storage array. Our audit now, had just found, that storage array held the live data and there was no backup whatsoever.

It is difficult to find the words to describe the look on Chris’s face. He was rightfully furious, as the business came so close to being wiped out because of poor IT design, poor implementation, or both.

We stopped everything we were doing and did the only thing you can do in this situation, started a full backup.

Flavours Catering have now been a client of Adaptable IT’s for over three years, with the network setup being substantially upgraded and revised to suit precisely what the business needs. The backups have copies both onsite and off and all the Macs and PCs are talking together happily. 90% of all Adaptable IT’s work is done remotely, so Flavours Catering and Events can concentrate on what they do best: Providing fresh, delicious food together with professional, streamlined services.