Skykick is a great cloud based tool that provides two major functions for business using or migrating to Office 365: Migrations provides automation for predictable, seamless and stress-free migrations and Backups to give you unlimited backups of your Excahnge, Sharepoint, or Onedrive for business data up to 6x daily.


Skykick Migrate was designed to automate the entire process of migrating to Office 365.

Anyone who has been through a migration will know, that the process can be very costly and time consuming. With Skykick, we now have the ability to cut down weeks of work, down to hours of work.

Skykick will automate your migration from many products including:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server
  • Google Apps / G-Suite
  • POP3
  • IMAP

With Microsoft removing Small Business Server from their offerings, a few years ago, there only two options for businesses to continue in a similar model. Upgrade to Windows Server Standard and Exchange Server in house, or opt for the cheaper Windows Server Essentials and move their Messaging/Calendaring functions into the Cloud based Office365.

There is also the ability to migrate from current cloud based systems such as POP/IMAP and Gmail. With Gmail being ignored by Google for the last few years and Office 365’s constant updates and added functionality, Office365 has sped past the install base for G-Suite, with more business moving over daily. Skykick, provides a very simple, fast and cost effective method to move between the two.


Unknown to most businesses, Office365, G-Suite and many other e-mail systems, do not offer you a real backup. You simply have one mailbox and replicas of that on your individual devices. If you delete an e-mail, it’s immediately deleted from the cloud and any other device. Skykick give you the ability to have true, point-in-time backups, so that you can find your data, even if it was accidentally deleted months ago.

The easiest backup you will encounter!

Autodiscover your mailboxes, Onedrive and Sharepoint sites and have your data backed up over 6x daily. All for one simple per user / month price, with no limits